When I started to get on a yacht as a crew, I really wanted owner's sail bag. That was made by
sail maker when they received our sail cloth order , using the spetch. That hand-made bag was
so attractive for me and it would be the original roots of JIB !!
The name of "JIB" came from "JIB SAIL" of yacht. JIB combines a playful spirit with practically
as very tough & light !! We do not mass-produce but make them one by one by hand just as
sail of yacht. That's why JIB has much-loved not only by yacht man.
Our main material " Sail Cloth" is used for a sail of yacht and a hang glider. This is excellent
at durability and lightness. Their crisp texture will be getting soft and that will be a wonderful
evidence of your memories. Why JIB has been using a sail cloth?? Because it has a functionality
playful spirit, and dream........
Most of the parts used for JIB is also used for an actual scene for each. For example, Zipper for
Wet suit, Eyelet for yacht is functionally set on JIB's bags !! Rock-climbing , Fishing , and Skiing
and so on..... many types of sports are included in JIB !!
The color patterns of JIB include high-mix low-volume production, and we provide you a limited color
and lines at each season. We are receiving "Color Order" and "Name Print" at no charge. So you can
feel free to make your original bag and coordinate with your team mate !!
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